Shower Effects on Our Body – A Massage Therapy

activateThe habit of taking shower every morning does not only have an impact on our personal hygiene, but it improves our overall health as well. Taking cold shower has long been used therapeutically across the globe, and it is in fact, an important part of Ayurvedic medicine.

Taking shower regularly offers numerous health benefits such as improving blood circulation, treating depression and improving the tone of the skin. But the greatest advantage of taking a hot or cold shower is its ease of use.

hot coldSo, a lot of you may be wondering, which is better. Taking a cold or hot shower? Well honestly, it depends. If you want to know the best time to take a cold and hot shower is, read on and know the answer.

Cold Shower Massage Therapy

coldCold water massage therapy is considered one of the cheapest and healthiest therapies there is. You can just simply massage your body with almond oil before you go and take a shower.

Cold showers have shown to provide the following amazing health benefits:

  • It cleans the circulatory system and improves blood circulation throughout our body.
  • Reduces blood pressure and revitalizes the body.
  • Contracts the muscles to help eliminate toxins and wastes.
  • Strengthens the immune system and helps resist allergies and infections.

During the ancient times, taking very cold showers have been very popular for people in India. “Ishnan” is the term they use to refer to cold showers during that time. Ishnan is described as the point where the body is stimulated to create a body temperature which can beat off the coldness of the shower. As soon as the cold water touches the skin, the capillaries and blood vessels constrict and cause the flow of blood to rush back into the glands and organs, in which, the process allows the tissues, glands, and organs to renew their secretions, thereby rejuvenating the entire body as a result.

However, taking cold showers are not ideal when you’re having your monthly period. Menstruating women need extra gentleness and rest during their monthly menses and a cold shower can be too harsh for the female reproductive system.

In this case, taking a warm shower is best recommended. But generally speaking, hot showers can alter the natural moisture of the skin so make sure not to stay too long during a warm shower.

Hot Shower Massage Therapy

hot showerBasically, hot showers run water of temperatures between 96-105 oF. A hot shower, especially before bedtime doesn’t only feels good but also benefits your health and sleep. However, the key is to not stay longer than 5 to 10 minutes as it can remove the natural oils and dry out the skin.

So far, here are the most commonly known benefits of a hot shower.

  • Improve blood circulation. The warmth coming from hot shower stimulates blood circulation while loosening the tendons, joints and tissues and muscles. That is why taking hot showers can benefit those suffering from pain related to arthritis, muscle fatigue, and muscle tears. While a hot shower cannot really cure arthritic pain for good, it is a good and more convenient remedy than a massage or any other medical treatments.
  • Cleanses the skin. Simultaneously taking hot and cold shower improves health by removing blemishes and toxin buildup in the skin. A hot shower opens the pores which allow the release of the toxins and following it with a cold shower will shut the pores again and makes you feel refreshed.
  • Relieve Stiff Neck or Shoulders. Next, to massage, a hot shower is the next best remedy for stiff neck and shoulders. Hot water causes the muscles to relax, and doing some neck and shoulder exercises during the shower can help loosen stiff muscles from this area.
  • Relieves nasal congestion and coughs. The steam coming from a hot shower can help loosen the phlegm and relieve nasal congestion. It will be more effective if you add eucalyptus oil to the air to help you breathe more easily. Furthermore, a hot shower can also relieve body aches related to coughs and colds.
  • Helps people with insomnia to sleep better. A hot shower has natural sedative properties. So, if you’re stressed or having some difficulty dozing off, take a hot shower for not more than 10 minutes can help you calm your mind and body. Rubbing lavender oil can also help as it is a natural relaxation herb.

Overall, hot or cold showers can be taken whenever you like as part of your therapeutic regimen. For a better shower experience, always choose the right shower heads like those which automatically fixes the pressure or water flow and those that are water efficient.