Massage Reduces Anxiety in Humans

life-challengesIn a world full of many challenges and struggles in the everyday life, it is quite difficult to always have a peaceful and stress-free state of mind. Anxiety is almost always expected as it is often caused by stress and fatigue which is the results of the difficulties we experience in our daily lives. One way of overcoming stress and fatigue is by subjecting yourself into a massage therapy session.

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years and is a widely-used technique all over the world for relieving stress and also for other medical advantages. It was discovered that the first written records of this technique dates back at around 2700 BCE which are found in China and Egypt. In a massage therapy session, the one giving the massage (masseuse) manipulates tissues of the bodies (soft tissues; muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissues) in order to improve one’s state of well-being and also provide various medical benefits like reducing anxiety.

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Anxiety and Its Cause

Simply put, anxiety is the feeling of fear or panic. It is often felt when we encounter difficulties in life or when we know there is an imminent danger ahead of us. Whether it is an upcoming exam or an overdue debt that needs to be paid right away, we often feel anxious or fearful about these kinds of situations that sometimes our body doesn’t really know how to adapt. As a result, anxiety causes panic among people but it normally subsides after a certain scenario is over or has been dealt with.

Anxiety becomes a problem when the symptoms persist over a long period of time and interfere with the individual’s daily life. Anxiety could cause sleeping and eating difficulties, feeling of restlessness, irritability, and even depression. It could also cause physical symptoms such as palpitations, mouth dryness, stomach cramps, diarrhea, trembling and may even cause someone to faint.


Types of Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are classified into several specific types. Here are the most common types of anxiety:

  • General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – this is characterized by feeling of anxiousness that extends for long periods of time and. Individuals with general anxiety disorders often worry about nonspecific objects, situations and irrelative life events that would mostly worsen the situation.
  • Panic Disorder – often characterized by sudden terror that leads to different symptoms including trembling in fear, confusion, breathing difficulties and confusion. It is often caused by traumatic experiences or progressive stress.
  • Phobias – this type of anxiety is characterized by a sense of fear to irrational things or situations that are usually not experienced by some. It is a fear specific to a certain object or situation that is only felt when a person thinks of or is currently faced with it.

How Does Massage Help in Treating Anxiety?

massageThere are various ways to treat anxiety and it is important to understand how to select the most efficient way that meets your own preference. Some people use instruments and tools like a massage chair, massage comb and even a massage bed but the most effective way of treating anxiety is to induce relaxation upon the individual and there is no better way to achieve this than by indulging in a relaxing massage. Massage therapies are often a great way of removing built up toxins in the muscles, ease up tension and produce calmness in individuals experiencing anxiousness. If you are into purchasing a massage chair, massage experts help you with your research.


Besides treatment for anxiety, a nice therapeutic massage can help soothe various bodily pains. A trained professional knows various ways on how to provide relaxation to clients and they often recommend different methods to different clients that will address the issue at hand. Although massage therapies immediately provide a sense of relaxation and comfort, many massage therapy experts often advise patients to submit themselves to a series of massage sessions especially when they want to treat chronic body pains as its overall effect may take the time to sink in and eventually remove these aches and pains.

When considering massage therapy as a treatment for anxiety, one must first consult a primary health care physician before attempting to undergo massage sessions in order for the doctor to identify the risks involved and also to prevent possible damage to patients suffering from specific conditions. The medical professionals can advise on how to deal with anxiety and may recommend appropriate treatment for each individual such as giving anti-anxiety medications, counseling, or various alternative medicines. In case your doctor suggests massage therapy, it is recommended to seek a licensed massage therapist in your local area and make sure he/she is certified and is qualified to perform the job.