Thermostat Strategies Impact on Energy Consumption in Residential Buildings

hvac control systemsThese days, we see an emerging technology in the HVAC control systems used in residential buildings. This is the introduction of sensing, communicating and computing devices. This complete set which includes software, devices, and services are called collectively as ‘smart thermostat’.

A research was recently conducted by the BPA, exploring the possible benefits completed through initial assessment together with partners from various national research groups. The objectives of the research include the possible development of different methods used in the measurement and the verification of the impact of thermostat strategies on energy consumption in residential buildings. On the website Thermostatistics, you can find the newest smart thermostat models for your home.

The Goal

The goal of the study conducted was to prove whether or not the hypothesis was correct. The hypothesis involves potential improvement when it comes to efficiency after replacing manual control in a residential building with automated control using an especially designed digital device that is connected to the software. If you are looking for a highly energy efficient heaters, you have to research well!

This only means that the smart thermostat system has to meet the needs of the occupant by means of gathering data via the user interface and sensors. It also focuses on analyzing the needs and characteristics of the building, while automating the control of the HVAC systems. When all of these factors are met, the users would be able to take advantage of the ease-of-use, efficiency, information, automation, as well as the empowerment of other behaviors, including remote monitoring.

smart thermostat

Methods for Measurement

The so-called traditional methods in the assessment of technology, including the use of controlled and random trials, are not applied accordingly to the new generation of controls that are software based, alongside some related services. As such, research organizations have sought to create a unit of measurement that will determine the efficiency in residential HVAC systems, including methods for the evaluation, especially during the operation through the analysis of data coming from the networked thermostats, using a particular rating stem, such as miles per gallon.

How Does Smart Thermostat Work?

smart thermostat worksIf you are not yet aware how these smart thermostats work, the first thing that might come into your mind as you enter a house that has one is that they are magical devices which completely changes the way the house is operated. While this might be true, there is also a science behind the technology implemented.

These smart thermostats allow homeowners to change different thermostat settings right from your smartphone, computer or other mobile devices. Other systems can be operated using Voice, using devices built for this purpose. This can offer a higher convenience level since you can do things such as turning up the AC as you are nearing home. You may also increase the temperature as you curl up on your couch, without the need to walk around to press a switch.

usageMost designs of smart thermostats give you the ability to view usage history, thus allowing you to track the specific time when your heating or cooling spiked up, providing you a better understanding as to how often the system is running, and your possible energy consumption for the month. This, in turn, gives you the ability to learn more about your adjustment habits.

Energy Consumption

energy consumption.Aside from the fact that a smart thermostat technology can make your life more convenient, it can also give you better control of your finances. Of course, you need to expect to invest initially on the equipment. The good part is that it can save you money eventually. How so? Smart thermostats have been marketed with the capacity to save money on energy consumption.

This is because the smart thermostat system learns the user’s adjustment habits while optimizing heating and cooling. While a standard programmable thermostat may have the capability to do so, the system may become challenging to program with all of those buttons. On the other hand, smart thermostats are easier and quicker to set up and program.


Of course, implementing a smart thermostat system still requires some factors to be taken into consideration. For instance, your home should be designed in a way that will accommodate the devices and equipment. If not, you may have to expect to spend a little bit more to make everything work. However, if you are looking forward to witnessing the impact of this thermostat strategy on energy consumption, this is a good opportunity for you.


Shower Effects on Our Body – A Massage Therapy

activateThe habit of taking shower every morning does not only have an impact on our personal hygiene, but it improves our overall health as well. Taking cold shower has long been used therapeutically across the globe, and it is in fact, an important part of Ayurvedic medicine.

Taking shower regularly offers numerous health benefits such as improving blood circulation, treating depression and improving the tone of the skin. But the greatest advantage of taking a hot or cold shower is its ease of use.

hot coldSo, a lot of you may be wondering, which is better. Taking a cold or hot shower? Well honestly, it depends. If you want to know the best time to take a cold and hot shower is, read on and know the answer.

Cold Shower Massage Therapy

coldCold water massage therapy is considered one of the cheapest and healthiest therapies there is. You can just simply massage your body with almond oil before you go and take a shower.

Cold showers have shown to provide the following amazing health benefits:

  • It cleans the circulatory system and improves blood circulation throughout our body.
  • Reduces blood pressure and revitalizes the body.
  • Contracts the muscles to help eliminate toxins and wastes.
  • Strengthens the immune system and helps resist allergies and infections.

During the ancient times, taking very cold showers have been very popular for people in India. “Ishnan” is the term they use to refer to cold showers during that time. Ishnan is described as the point where the body is stimulated to create a body temperature which can beat off the coldness of the shower. As soon as the cold water touches the skin, the capillaries and blood vessels constrict and cause the flow of blood to rush back into the glands and organs, in which, the process allows the tissues, glands, and organs to renew their secretions, thereby rejuvenating the entire body as a result.

However, taking cold showers are not ideal when you’re having your monthly period. Menstruating women need extra gentleness and rest during their monthly menses and a cold shower can be too harsh for the female reproductive system.

In this case, taking a warm shower is best recommended. But generally speaking, hot showers can alter the natural moisture of the skin so make sure not to stay too long during a warm shower.

Hot Shower Massage Therapy

hot showerBasically, hot showers run water of temperatures between 96-105 oF. A hot shower, especially before bedtime doesn’t only feels good but also benefits your health and sleep. However, the key is to not stay longer than 5 to 10 minutes as it can remove the natural oils and dry out the skin.

So far, here are the most commonly known benefits of a hot shower.

  • Improve blood circulation. The warmth coming from hot shower stimulates blood circulation while loosening the tendons, joints and tissues and muscles. That is why taking hot showers can benefit those suffering from pain related to arthritis, muscle fatigue, and muscle tears. While a hot shower cannot really cure arthritic pain for good, it is a good and more convenient remedy than a massage or any other medical treatments.
  • Cleanses the skin. Simultaneously taking hot and cold shower improves health by removing blemishes and toxin buildup in the skin. A hot shower opens the pores which allow the release of the toxins and following it with a cold shower will shut the pores again and makes you feel refreshed.
  • Relieve Stiff Neck or Shoulders. Next, to massage, a hot shower is the next best remedy for stiff neck and shoulders. Hot water causes the muscles to relax, and doing some neck and shoulder exercises during the shower can help loosen stiff muscles from this area.
  • Relieves nasal congestion and coughs. The steam coming from a hot shower can help loosen the phlegm and relieve nasal congestion. It will be more effective if you add eucalyptus oil to the air to help you breathe more easily. Furthermore, a hot shower can also relieve body aches related to coughs and colds.
  • Helps people with insomnia to sleep better. A hot shower has natural sedative properties. So, if you’re stressed or having some difficulty dozing off, take a hot shower for not more than 10 minutes can help you calm your mind and body. Rubbing lavender oil can also help as it is a natural relaxation herb.

Overall, hot or cold showers can be taken whenever you like as part of your therapeutic regimen. For a better shower experience, always choose the right shower heads like those which automatically fixes the pressure or water flow and those that are water efficient.



Massage Reduces Anxiety in Humans

life-challengesIn a world full of many challenges and struggles in the everyday life, it is quite difficult to always have a peaceful and stress-free state of mind. Anxiety is almost always expected as it is often caused by stress and fatigue which is the results of the difficulties we experience in our daily lives. One way of overcoming stress and fatigue is by subjecting yourself into a massage therapy session.

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years and is a widely-used technique all over the world for relieving stress and also for other medical advantages. It was discovered that the first written records of this technique dates back at around 2700 BCE which are found in China and Egypt. In a massage therapy session, the one giving the massage (masseuse) manipulates tissues of the bodies (soft tissues; muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissues) in order to improve one’s state of well-being and also provide various medical benefits like reducing anxiety.

massage theraphy

Anxiety and Its Cause

Simply put, anxiety is the feeling of fear or panic. It is often felt when we encounter difficulties in life or when we know there is an imminent danger ahead of us. Whether it is an upcoming exam or an overdue debt that needs to be paid right away, we often feel anxious or fearful about these kinds of situations that sometimes our body doesn’t really know how to adapt. As a result, anxiety causes panic among people but it normally subsides after a certain scenario is over or has been dealt with.

Anxiety becomes a problem when the symptoms persist over a long period of time and interfere with the individual’s daily life. Anxiety could cause sleeping and eating difficulties, feeling of restlessness, irritability, and even depression. It could also cause physical symptoms such as palpitations, mouth dryness, stomach cramps, diarrhea, trembling and may even cause someone to faint.


Types of Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are classified into several specific types. Here are the most common types of anxiety:

  • General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – this is characterized by feeling of anxiousness that extends for long periods of time and. Individuals with general anxiety disorders often worry about nonspecific objects, situations and irrelative life events that would mostly worsen the situation.
  • Panic Disorder – often characterized by sudden terror that leads to different symptoms including trembling in fear, confusion, breathing difficulties and confusion. It is often caused by traumatic experiences or progressive stress.
  • Phobias – this type of anxiety is characterized by a sense of fear to irrational things or situations that are usually not experienced by some. It is a fear specific to a certain object or situation that is only felt when a person thinks of or is currently faced with it.

How Does Massage Help in Treating Anxiety?

massageThere are various ways to treat anxiety and it is important to understand how to select the most efficient way that meets your own preference. Some people use instruments and tools like a massage chair, massage comb and even a massage bed but the most effective way of treating anxiety is to induce relaxation upon the individual and there is no better way to achieve this than by indulging in a relaxing massage. Massage therapies are often a great way of removing built up toxins in the muscles, ease up tension and produce calmness in individuals experiencing anxiousness. If you are into purchasing a massage chair, massage experts help you with your research.


Besides treatment for anxiety, a nice therapeutic massage can help soothe various bodily pains. A trained professional knows various ways on how to provide relaxation to clients and they often recommend different methods to different clients that will address the issue at hand. Although massage therapies immediately provide a sense of relaxation and comfort, many massage therapy experts often advise patients to submit themselves to a series of massage sessions especially when they want to treat chronic body pains as its overall effect may take the time to sink in and eventually remove these aches and pains.

When considering massage therapy as a treatment for anxiety, one must first consult a primary health care physician before attempting to undergo massage sessions in order for the doctor to identify the risks involved and also to prevent possible damage to patients suffering from specific conditions. The medical professionals can advise on how to deal with anxiety and may recommend appropriate treatment for each individual such as giving anti-anxiety medications, counseling, or various alternative medicines. In case your doctor suggests massage therapy, it is recommended to seek a licensed massage therapist in your local area and make sure he/she is certified and is qualified to perform the job.


Changing Garbage Disposal Patterns of Consumers: Motivation, Ability and Performance

get rid of garbageThe disposal patterns among consumers are usually dependent on other people. It seems that everybody believes that there is a fairy that appears magically to get rid of our garbage everyday. When asked of the right methods that needs to be practiced, it seems that nobody really knows.

Garbage disposal, in reality, is actually not somebody else’s problem. As a matter of fact, it is the responsibility of everybody. All of us contribute to the pile up of trash. As such, we all have to observe equal responsibility when it comes to proper disposal of garbage. Whenever possible, garbage need to be recycled. There are also other ways in which you can make sure that garbage coming from your home, as well as commercial place, is disposed accordingly in the most eco-friendly and ergonomic way possible.

garbage disposal

Dealing With the Problem

For individuals who have never faced issues relating to the most responsible way in trash disposal as well as recycling, focusing on motivation, ability and performance is a good foundation to consider. One way to do so is by working with a waste management organization and gain some practical advice.

give wasteFor homeowners who want to become a more responsible citizen in saving the planet, there are different ways in which garbage can be separated, and recycle waste in a hygienic and timely manner. Indeed, making a concerted effort in going green does not really mean having to spend your entire day washing out those grimy food waste, or getting your hands dirtied by some revolting substances, or traveling to the bottle plant every week. In fact, recycling may become a good habit quickly. Eventually, when you finally understand what you are doing, it becomes a very easy routine.

trashPlastic bottles and cans have to be crushed or collapsed. As such, you can contribute to proper garbage disposal in your kitchen by stomping on them, making them flat so that you can make sure that they will not be popped back into shape. Cans need to be crushed for easier stacking in a metal recycling bin. When these cans are crushed, they do not consume too much space. This means that your bin may reach a couple of weeks before they need to be emptied out.

For plastic cartons, especially those with cardboard sleeves, you can simply remove the sleeves, tearing them into smaller pieces. Afterward, you can dispose the carton. On the other hand, it may be different dealing with food waste. There are some guidelines that need to be followed when it comes to using a bin for food waste. These rules need to be especially followed by agricultural companies that produce animal feed. Cuttings from the garden can be added in compost, serving as a fertilizer.

The Right Attitude

recycleRegardless of the information made available by various sources these days, the change has to start from within. It is very important to focus on motivation, which means that everybody needs to understand the reason behind the action of recycling and proper garbage disposal patterns.

Focusing on the ability to do the right thing is also one step to consider. The good news is that, this can be done accordingly, thanks to the help of various garbage disposal companies. Of course, performance, or action, is the most important thing. After all, the first two factors, motivation, and ability becomes a part of theory only if there is no action involved.

Taking the right perspective when it comes to proper garbage disposal patterns is the first step towards implementing efficient policies. Aside from the fact that waste recycling is a responsible move, it is also hygienic and safer compared to simply dumping those containers with waste in some garbage locations.

Making sure that the planet is given priority can turn out to be a daunting task. However, by making sure that you are well-informed regarding the different ways in which garbage can be disposed properly, this task is not impossible at all. With the right motivation, ability and performance, making sure that our planet is well-protected, it is now possible for our generation to protect the next one. Garbage disposal may seem a simple issue, but it can do a lot in the protection of our environment.


Bottled Water versus Tap Water: Understanding Consumers’ Preferences

bottledvstapBottled water consumption has become increasingly popular over the past decade, even in places where there is an excellent quality of tap water. Due to this increasing demand for bottled water, it has become one of the fastest growing industries for non-alcoholic beverages, which represents a market worth of $22B.

There are many factors that dictate why people decide on a more expensive option of drinking bottled water than simply consuming what’s available in their households, and that is what we are going to discuss in this article. Why do more and more people decide to pay for bottled water that is almost 10,000 times more expensive than tap water? Read on.

What Studies Have to Say?

bottle tapAccording to consumer surveys, there are two main factors which affect consumers’ preference for drinking water. First is the people’s dissatisfaction with tap water’s organoleptic, particularly the taste. Water characteristics such as the taste, odor, and appearance appear to be the most relevant consideration why people choose bottled water over tap water.

In many cases, many consumers think that because the bottled water tastes better than simple tap water, it is a sign of better quality and safer option for drinking water. However, due to this belief, mass consumption of bottled water contributes to a multitude of environmental problems which include water wastage, climate change, and pollution.

risk to healthSecond is the health concerns related to the risks of drinking tap water. In a survey conducted in the US, approximately half of bottled water drinkers believe that there are a lot of health risks associated with drinking tap water and this is the major reason why they choose drinking bottled water over tap water.

However, besides these two main factors which dictate consumers’ choice for drinking water, several factors can also be considered such as different demographic variables and people’s perception of the quality of their tap water source.

This result is not surprising especially in areas or communities that have problems with the safety of their tap water sources. However, many highly developed areas have increased the quality and safety of their tap water throughout the years and most have become potable water sources.

Public water systems especially in the United States, are generally safe for consumption as these ones are run and maintained by different municipalities. Before it is released from treatment plants to our drinking faucets, tap water meets specific safety standards to avoid causing health problems to its consumers. Top kitchen faucet models can be found Faucet Mag.

It’s true that there are many instances that drinking tap water has caused many water-borne diseases like diarrhea, cholera, typhoid fever and worm infections. But it appears like many people have likely remembered these instances than those unfortunate events where some bottled water companies recalled their products because of chemical contaminations like benzene and increased bromate levels.

what do you knowThe presence of these harmful chemicals can lead to serious and detrimental health problems like cancer or even death if not detected early. Water is an important part of our daily lives, and without it, we will not survive. Having this said, it is very important to consume water that’s considered safe for the entire public, but drinking bottled water can’t be the only solution to this.

In addition, media plays a very significant role in this, with them linking drinking bottled water to healthy regimens like proper diet and exercise. But this may not always be the case. There are no clinical evidence to show that bottled water is better than tap water. In fact, some studies link drinking bottled water as the cause for children to miss or reduce their daily intake of fluoride, especially in areas where tap water systems have undergone fluoridation.

tap bottledOverall, both bottled water and tap water provide benefits and disadvantages, and there are varied reasons why people opt for bottled water or tap water as their source for drinking water. Although water’s organoleptic and health-related concerns are the most common reasons for bottled water consumption, there are other influences that affect people’s choice for drinking water such as their financial capacity, location, and general beliefs.

And the main conclusion here is that people will always value what they think is ‘good quality water’ and that they are always prepared to pay out some extra cash in order to consume what they believe is ‘better’, ‘purer’ and ‘healthier’ product.

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Analysis of Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

wine cellarOne important part of a wine cellar is a good cooling system. The quality, value and graceful maturation of your wine depend on the proper function and maintenance of your wine cellar refrigeration system. The refrigeration system is considered as the heart of your wine cooler as it is one of the tools that will bring success to the culmination of your wine.

Typically, a wine cellar refrigeration system is installed in a wine room (above ground wine cellar) as there is no need for it in passive wine cellars (usually built underground). These cooling systems provide control over temperature and humidity in a wine room and therefore maintain the effectiveness of the wine cellar itself. A wine cellar refrigeration system provides the wine room with protection from external factors that would compromise the ageing, flavour, aroma and the overall quality of the stored alcoholic beverages.

Types of Wine Cellars

wine cellar 2The installment of a refrigeration system depends on the type of wine cellar. Here are examples of wine cellars:

  • Active wine cellar – this is a storage room for wine and other alcoholic beverages that is usually controlled by a climate-manipulation system. It must provide proper temperature and humidity and must be highly insulated in order for the wine to achieve its maximum potential. Active humidification of the air is necessary especially for wine cellars located in an area where there is a very dry climate.
  • Passive wine cellar – these are the non-climate-controlled wine cellars which are usually found underground or within caves as there is minimum temperature swings in these areas. The area of installation must be naturally cool and damp and must be located in places with temperate climate. A passive cellar is a great option for those who want to spend less in operational cost at the expense of predictability.

Types of Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

through the wallThere are three different types of wine cellar refrigeration systems available on the modern market: “through the wall” systems, ducted systems and split systems. Each of these cooling systems has specific installation requirements that will need to be met in order to attain success in its operation.

  • Through The Wall Cooling Systems – these cooling systems are known to be inexpensive but reliable options. An installation of a “through the wall” cooling unit allows utilization of a self-contained system without having to place refrigeration lines or any kind of ductwork. You just need to have an interior space that is large enough for these units to be placed and you will definitely maintain proper temperature and ideal humidity in your wine cellar.
  • Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Systems – these are also known as self-contained systems. This type of cooling system is often used when there is no available space for a unit inside a wine cellar. It can be installed at some distance from a wine cellar, usually mounted on the attic, a mechanical room, or in an adjacent space. It uses ventilation ducts to introduce cold air into the cellar and separate ducts for expulsion of warm air back to the cooling system in an alternate location.
  • split systemSplit Cooling Systems – these wine cellar cooling systems are composed of three things: a condensing unit, an evaporator and sets of lines for connection of its parts. The use of these cooling systems is becoming a trend nowadays as they offer quite a wide range of versatility in terms of unit placement and also provide reduction of heat, noise and wine cellar ventilation requirements. Split cooling systems are usually made of high quality and longer lasting materials that would add to the ideal wine cellar environment.

There are various factors that must be considered prior to installment of wine cellar refrigeration systems such as the size of the cooling unit, heat load, insulation of the cellar, local weather conditions, etc. The selection of a good cooling system is an essential part in the success of the wine aging process. We have to be thankful for modern technology as it has paved a way for an easier and a much effective means to control climate conditions in wine cellars. More importantly, modern technology has made the art of aging wine an accessible one. Here are the best wine coolers for home use.


Accelerating Research in Asian Studies

careerA lot of students have become familiar with questions from friends and relatives about the career that they plan to pursue after completing their degree. This question can be quite difficult to answer especially for students in Asian Studies. Aside from other career options such as medicine or law, it seems that there is no particular job posts for graduates in Asian studies.

However, instead of viewing it as a drawback, the uncertainty can actually prove to be an advantage. As a matter of fact, several organizations have been accelerating research in Asian studies as more and more people are becoming interested in this field either as a whole, or a particular Asian country.

Available Career Tracks

career tracksEvery student may have other aspects that particularly interest them about Asia. As such, the potential job prospects for graduates working on accelerating research in Asian studies also turn out to be more varied than what is imaginable. The potential career tracks can either be domestic or international.

Due to the wide variety of job opportunities available, students who are interested in Asian studies have to clearly identify earlier on where their interest in the profession lie. For one, an Asian studies degree may vary depending on the focus and content, varying from one university to another. The actual focus of a degree in Asian Studies, may lie, for example, on teaching a language for the purpose of interpretation or translation, Asian social developments, trade and economic relations, cultural aspects, political developments, or history, depending on the research skills of the teaching staff.

Also, there are certain degrees that particularly deal with a specific country in Asia, or bring a broader prescriptive on a specific region. A Bachelor’s degree in the field of Asian Studies can also give a broader overview of some issues, alongside a thorough education in a particular Asian language. On the other hand, a Master’s degree generally focuses on a more particular country or topic, which means that it does not often include as many classes involving language instruction as compared to an undergraduate degree. However, a Master’s degree can help in developing regional expertise for a particular job market, as well as in a related aspect in Asian studies.

Advanced Research

asian studiesThe skills that are developed while conducting advanced research in Asian studies are very important and crucial for job choices in the future. For example, becoming extremely familiar with the Asian field, and proficient in a specific Asian language is a wonderful opportunity for both academic and individual growth. That certain feeling of success and achievement from the fluency of a language which is not his or her mother tongue, and a new perspective of the world, are only some of the benefits that can be expected along the way.

The capability to dig deeper into the culture and the people of other countries, as well as the capacity to communicate with a different culture are highly valued skills, most especially in the international, professional job market. As agencies and corporations start widening out their business, increasing their collaboration with the Asian market, organizations and businesses, knowledge of the language and native culture have hugely become in demand.

On top of that, an academic career that comes as a result of accelerating research in Asian studies always come with the capability to analyze some complex problems, studying various topics, as well as the capacity to present details and information on a particular topic in a rather concise manner.

Unique Professional Skills

asian studies 2Of course, aside from the knowledge attained through research and study for several years, having a degree in the field of Asian Studies offers some professional skills that can easily set any student apart. Proficiency in a new language is important, and so is cultural sensitivity. The importance of focusing on accelerating research in Asian Studies can never be underestimated, most particularly when they present possible skills which may be needed for a career in the future. With globalization at hand, accelerating research in Asian Studies can become a bridge that will connect different cultures together, creating a brighter future for everybody, both personally, and in a professional level, especially in the word of business.