Shower Effects on Our Body – A Massage Therapy

activateThe habit of taking shower every morning does not only have an impact on our personal hygiene, but it improves our overall health as well. Taking cold shower has long been used therapeutically across the globe, and it is in fact, an important part of Ayurvedic medicine.

Taking shower regularly offers numerous health benefits such as improving blood circulation, treating depression and improving the tone of the skin. But the greatest advantage of taking a hot or cold shower is its ease of use.

hot coldSo, a lot of you may be wondering, which is better. Taking a cold or hot shower? Well honestly, it depends. If you want to know the best time to take a cold and hot shower is, read on and know the answer.

Cold Shower Massage Therapy

coldCold water massage therapy is considered one of the cheapest and healthiest therapies there is. You can just simply massage your body with almond oil before you go and take a shower.

Cold showers have shown to provide the following amazing health benefits:

  • It cleans the circulatory system and improves blood circulation throughout our body.
  • Reduces blood pressure and revitalizes the body.
  • Contracts the muscles to help eliminate toxins and wastes.
  • Strengthens the immune system and helps resist allergies and infections.

During the ancient times, taking very cold showers have been very popular for people in India. “Ishnan” is the term they use to refer to cold showers during that time. Ishnan is described as the point where the body is stimulated to create a body temperature which can beat off the coldness of the shower. As soon as the cold water touches the skin, the capillaries and blood vessels constrict and cause the flow of blood to rush back into the glands and organs, in which, the process allows the tissues, glands, and organs to renew their secretions, thereby rejuvenating the entire body as a result.

However, taking cold showers are not ideal when you’re having your monthly period. Menstruating women need extra gentleness and rest during their monthly menses and a cold shower can be too harsh for the female reproductive system.

In this case, taking a warm shower is best recommended. But generally speaking, hot showers can alter the natural moisture of the skin so make sure not to stay too long during a warm shower.

Hot Shower Massage Therapy

hot showerBasically, hot showers run water of temperatures between 96-105 oF. A hot shower, especially before bedtime doesn’t only feels good but also benefits your health and sleep. However, the key is to not stay longer than 5 to 10 minutes as it can remove the natural oils and dry out the skin.

So far, here are the most commonly known benefits of a hot shower.

  • Improve blood circulation. The warmth coming from hot shower stimulates blood circulation while loosening the tendons, joints and tissues and muscles. That is why taking hot showers can benefit those suffering from pain related to arthritis, muscle fatigue, and muscle tears. While a hot shower cannot really cure arthritic pain for good, it is a good and more convenient remedy than a massage or any other medical treatments.
  • Cleanses the skin. Simultaneously taking hot and cold shower improves health by removing blemishes and toxin buildup in the skin. A hot shower opens the pores which allow the release of the toxins and following it with a cold shower will shut the pores again and makes you feel refreshed.
  • Relieve Stiff Neck or Shoulders. Next, to massage, a hot shower is the next best remedy for stiff neck and shoulders. Hot water causes the muscles to relax, and doing some neck and shoulder exercises during the shower can help loosen stiff muscles from this area.
  • Relieves nasal congestion and coughs. The steam coming from a hot shower can help loosen the phlegm and relieve nasal congestion. It will be more effective if you add eucalyptus oil to the air to help you breathe more easily. Furthermore, a hot shower can also relieve body aches related to coughs and colds.
  • Helps people with insomnia to sleep better. A hot shower has natural sedative properties. So, if you’re stressed or having some difficulty dozing off, take a hot shower for not more than 10 minutes can help you calm your mind and body. Rubbing lavender oil can also help as it is a natural relaxation herb.

Overall, hot or cold showers can be taken whenever you like as part of your therapeutic regimen. For a better shower experience, always choose the right shower heads like those which automatically fixes the pressure or water flow and those that are water efficient.



Reusable Zeolite Water Softener for Clothes Washing

saving waterWith the move towards saving our planet earth, a lot of things have been taken into perspective in order to meet the goal. One of them is making good use of water. While drinking water should be filtered accordingly, and cannot be reused, water that is used for other uses can. For this very reason, attention has been directed to the implementation of reusable zeolite water softener for water used in clothes washing.

An Innovative Approach

use of water softenerInitiatives in pushing sustainability have continued to take the lead in almost all industries. This is motivated by the demand for the implementation of next-generation solutions which can help in achieving sustainability goals a lot easier. The use of water softener, as well as the process which involves reverse osmosis (RO) have particularly taken center stage these days.

The system involving these technologies claims, not just efficiency, but also reduces the overall amount of salt and water usually needed in a standard softener regeneration phase. Natural zeolites are economically and environmentally acceptable hydrated aluminosilicate substances. They come with amazing sorption and ion-exchange properties.

Their overall effectiveness across various technological systems highly depends on the physical and chemical properties which are connected tightly to geological deposits. As a substance, zeolites come with a very unique three-dimensional porous structure that offers them various possibilities in the application.

reusable zeolite water softenerDue to the excess of negative charge on zeolite surface, which comes as a result of the isomorphic silicon replacement of aluminum in the initial structural units, these natural zeolites are part of the cationic exchanger’s group. Different studies have been conducted, confirming the amazing performance of removing metal cations coming from wastewaters.

Chemical Modification of Zeolites

zeoliteOne interesting aspect of zeolites is that they can be modified chemically by organic and inorganic surfactants. They are absorbed in the surface level, leading to the generation of oxi-hydroxides that are positively charged, enabling the zeolites to bind anions, such as chromates and arsenates, in either stable, as well as less-stable complexes.

There are also advantages to natural zeolites over other materials including common organic resins since they are generally more affordable. This means that they can be preferred well when it comes to reproducing water for clothes washing. Aside from being cheap, they also exhibit amazing selectivity for various cations, especially at lower temperatures, which are often accompanied by the release of the so-called non-toxic exchangeable cations.

The efficiency introduced by zeolites in water treatment highly depends on the quantity and type of zeolites used, including the size distribution of the particles, contaminant concentration, the ionic strength of the solution, pH value, and the presence of other components. With this technology, standard processes are performed.

Reverse Osmosis in Water Treatment

reverse osmosisReverse Osmosis, on the other hand, is one of the preferred processes which makes desalination, or the removal of salt from seawater, highly possible. Aside from that, this process is also used for water recycling, which is also used in the industry of clothes washing.

These days, with the pressing threat induced by water issues and climate change, the need to look for ways to utilize natural resources accordingly have been given attention. Overpopulation is also a threat that everybody needs to give attention, rather than ignore.

purifyAs such, the use of reverse osmosis in water treatment for clothes washing should be prioritized accordingly. The process involving reverse osmosis refers to the diffusion or passage of water, as well as other solvents via a semipermeable membrane which blocks a passage of some dissolved solutes.

The technology used in reverse osmosis highly depends on the specific company that implements the process. However, the basic technology remains. A lower concentrate solution is used to filter the solvent to a solution with higher concentration. The process is reversed, so to say, as the solvent is used to filter out the high concentration of the lower concentrated solution. You can browse the top reverse osmosis systems on

With this process, water used for the industry of clothes washing becomes reusable. Water is softened using materials such as zeolites, and technologies such as reverse osmosis. The goal here, really, is to look for ways in which water can be used in a better way, thus saving the future generation.


Massage Reduces Anxiety in Humans

life-challengesIn a world full of many challenges and struggles in the everyday life, it is quite difficult to always have a peaceful and stress-free state of mind. Anxiety is almost always expected as it is often caused by stress and fatigue which is the results of the difficulties we experience in our daily lives. One way of overcoming stress and fatigue is by subjecting yourself into a massage therapy session.

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years and is a widely-used technique all over the world for relieving stress and also for other medical advantages. It was discovered that the first written records of this technique dates back at around 2700 BCE which are found in China and Egypt. In a massage therapy session, the one giving the massage (masseuse) manipulates tissues of the bodies (soft tissues; muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissues) in order to improve one’s state of well-being and also provide various medical benefits like reducing anxiety.

massage theraphy

Anxiety and Its Cause

Simply put, anxiety is the feeling of fear or panic. It is often felt when we encounter difficulties in life or when we know there is an imminent danger ahead of us. Whether it is an upcoming exam or an overdue debt that needs to be paid right away, we often feel anxious or fearful about these kinds of situations that sometimes our body doesn’t really know how to adapt. As a result, anxiety causes panic among people but it normally subsides after a certain scenario is over or has been dealt with.

Anxiety becomes a problem when the symptoms persist over a long period of time and interfere with the individual’s daily life. Anxiety could cause sleeping and eating difficulties, feeling of restlessness, irritability, and even depression. It could also cause physical symptoms such as palpitations, mouth dryness, stomach cramps, diarrhea, trembling and may even cause someone to faint.


Types of Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are classified into several specific types. Here are the most common types of anxiety:

  • General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – this is characterized by feeling of anxiousness that extends for long periods of time and. Individuals with general anxiety disorders often worry about nonspecific objects, situations and irrelative life events that would mostly worsen the situation.
  • Panic Disorder – often characterized by sudden terror that leads to different symptoms including trembling in fear, confusion, breathing difficulties and confusion. It is often caused by traumatic experiences or progressive stress.
  • Phobias – this type of anxiety is characterized by a sense of fear to irrational things or situations that are usually not experienced by some. It is a fear specific to a certain object or situation that is only felt when a person thinks of or is currently faced with it.

How Does Massage Help in Treating Anxiety?

massageThere are various ways to treat anxiety and it is important to understand how to select the most efficient way that meets your own preference. Some people use instruments and tools like a massage chair, massage comb and even a massage bed but the most effective way of treating anxiety is to induce relaxation upon the individual and there is no better way to achieve this than by indulging in a relaxing massage. Massage therapies are often a great way of removing built up toxins in the muscles, ease up tension and produce calmness in individuals experiencing anxiousness. If you are into purchasing a massage chair, massage experts help you with your research.


Besides treatment for anxiety, a nice therapeutic massage can help soothe various bodily pains. A trained professional knows various ways on how to provide relaxation to clients and they often recommend different methods to different clients that will address the issue at hand. Although massage therapies immediately provide a sense of relaxation and comfort, many massage therapy experts often advise patients to submit themselves to a series of massage sessions especially when they want to treat chronic body pains as its overall effect may take the time to sink in and eventually remove these aches and pains.

When considering massage therapy as a treatment for anxiety, one must first consult a primary health care physician before attempting to undergo massage sessions in order for the doctor to identify the risks involved and also to prevent possible damage to patients suffering from specific conditions. The medical professionals can advise on how to deal with anxiety and may recommend appropriate treatment for each individual such as giving anti-anxiety medications, counseling, or various alternative medicines. In case your doctor suggests massage therapy, it is recommended to seek a licensed massage therapist in your local area and make sure he/she is certified and is qualified to perform the job.

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Behavioral Toilet Training in Early Childhood: Research, Practice, and Implications

toilet trainingSuccessful mastery of toilet training in children is a major milestone and a key for independence for families with toddlers and preschoolers. Parents are able to rejoice for being free from frequently changing and buying diapers, plus children can also enjoy the start of their preschool lives for being fully potty trained and for learning how to use the toilet like grown-ups.

Mastery of potty training is the ultimate exhibition of children’s independence because, in order to start, the child should show a willingness to participate. It has to be a team effort between the parents and the child, and not a one-sided decision from the part of the parents otherwise it will likely fail in the end. To put simply, no matter how much begging, pleading, yelling or bribing the parents do, kids will not be trained for potty use until they are willing and ready.

Of course, for us adults, toileting is a simple task which we don’t even think about. But this task is only simple for us adults because we’ve done this countless of times and has become as part of our daily life activities. In reality, toilet training is a collection of different complicated skills and steps that is almost new to every young child.

How it happens

PottyTrainingFirst, kids have to learn and recognize the signals they feel on their bodies when they have to use the comfort room. These signals or sensations are needed to be felt in advance before it becomes urgent so that there is ample time spared for them to act on it. In short, children must learn to develop that self-control and appropriate skills needed to bring them into an appropriate comfort room, rather than just pooping or peeing wherever and whenever the urge hits them.

Before toilet training, they need to develop that physical skill where they can be able to remove their own clothes and sit comfortably and safely in the toilet. But it doesn’t end with that. As part of toilet training, children also have to learn how to aim and remain long enough at the potty until they’re finished by recognizing and responding to body signals that tell them if they’re done.

Next, they must learn how to clean themselves up and put all their clothes back on. They should master how to flush away wastes or alert their parents to empty their potty seats. And finally, children have to learn how to wash away the dirt on their hands as the last step before they can be concluded to be a fully potty trained child. If you are in the search for bidets, you can check the top toilet seats here.

What Research Tells About Proper Timing

toiletMany parents worry that early or late potty training will have harmful implications for their child. This idea has also been promoted by child-care professionals such as pediatricians. But the truth is that there is no scientific evidence that backs up if early toilet training negatively affects the child.

In the early 20s and 30s, parents impose a very strict potty training regimen on children even before they could barely walk. The techniques used were found to be coercive up to the point where children are abused during the process.

With previously conducted studies related to these, pediatricians argued that pushing kids into early potty training causes a variety of problems, such as bedwetting, stool withholding, regression and stool toileting refusal. But the new modern scientific study says that early childhood toilet training doesn’t cause harmful effects to the child. If you are in search of buying a new toilet, you can find the best ones on

potty training 2An American study (Blum et. Al 2003) directed parents to impose gradual and child-oriented approach to potty training regardless of the age of their kids are. The results showed that younger children who started early toilet training took longer to completely learn the task than those who have started at a later age between 18-24 months.

The evidence also showed that early potty training did not have any negative effects to the behavior of the kids, only that those who started at a later age learned potty training quicker than those who’ve started earlier. In general, this study by Blum implies that toilet training is more likely to become successful when started at an age when the child is ready to cooperate, thereby speeding up the training process.


Accelerating Research in Asian Studies

careerA lot of students have become familiar with questions from friends and relatives about the career that they plan to pursue after completing their degree. This question can be quite difficult to answer especially for students in Asian Studies. Aside from other career options such as medicine or law, it seems that there is no particular job posts for graduates in Asian studies.

However, instead of viewing it as a drawback, the uncertainty can actually prove to be an advantage. As a matter of fact, several organizations have been accelerating research in Asian studies as more and more people are becoming interested in this field either as a whole, or a particular Asian country.

Available Career Tracks

career tracksEvery student may have other aspects that particularly interest them about Asia. As such, the potential job prospects for graduates working on accelerating research in Asian studies also turn out to be more varied than what is imaginable. The potential career tracks can either be domestic or international.

Due to the wide variety of job opportunities available, students who are interested in Asian studies have to clearly identify earlier on where their interest in the profession lie. For one, an Asian studies degree may vary depending on the focus and content, varying from one university to another. The actual focus of a degree in Asian Studies, may lie, for example, on teaching a language for the purpose of interpretation or translation, Asian social developments, trade and economic relations, cultural aspects, political developments, or history, depending on the research skills of the teaching staff.

Also, there are certain degrees that particularly deal with a specific country in Asia, or bring a broader prescriptive on a specific region. A Bachelor’s degree in the field of Asian Studies can also give a broader overview of some issues, alongside a thorough education in a particular Asian language. On the other hand, a Master’s degree generally focuses on a more particular country or topic, which means that it does not often include as many classes involving language instruction as compared to an undergraduate degree. However, a Master’s degree can help in developing regional expertise for a particular job market, as well as in a related aspect in Asian studies.

Advanced Research

asian studiesThe skills that are developed while conducting advanced research in Asian studies are very important and crucial for job choices in the future. For example, becoming extremely familiar with the Asian field, and proficient in a specific Asian language is a wonderful opportunity for both academic and individual growth. That certain feeling of success and achievement from the fluency of a language which is not his or her mother tongue, and a new perspective of the world, are only some of the benefits that can be expected along the way.

The capability to dig deeper into the culture and the people of other countries, as well as the capacity to communicate with a different culture are highly valued skills, most especially in the international, professional job market. As agencies and corporations start widening out their business, increasing their collaboration with the Asian market, organizations and businesses, knowledge of the language and native culture have hugely become in demand.

On top of that, an academic career that comes as a result of accelerating research in Asian studies always come with the capability to analyze some complex problems, studying various topics, as well as the capacity to present details and information on a particular topic in a rather concise manner.

Unique Professional Skills

asian studies 2Of course, aside from the knowledge attained through research and study for several years, having a degree in the field of Asian Studies offers some professional skills that can easily set any student apart. Proficiency in a new language is important, and so is cultural sensitivity. The importance of focusing on accelerating research in Asian Studies can never be underestimated, most particularly when they present possible skills which may be needed for a career in the future. With globalization at hand, accelerating research in Asian Studies can become a bridge that will connect different cultures together, creating a brighter future for everybody, both personally, and in a professional level, especially in the word of business.