Accelerating Research in Asian Studies

careerA lot of students have become familiar with questions from friends and relatives about the career that they plan to pursue after completing their degree. This question can be quite difficult to answer especially for students in Asian Studies. Aside from other career options such as medicine or law, it seems that there is no particular job posts for graduates in Asian studies.

However, instead of viewing it as a drawback, the uncertainty can actually prove to be an advantage. As a matter of fact, several organizations have been accelerating research in Asian studies as more and more people are becoming interested in this field either as a whole, or a particular Asian country.

Available Career Tracks

career tracksEvery student may have other aspects that particularly interest them about Asia. As such, the potential job prospects for graduates working on accelerating research in Asian studies also turn out to be more varied than what is imaginable. The potential career tracks can either be domestic or international.

Due to the wide variety of job opportunities available, students who are interested in Asian studies have to clearly identify earlier on where their interest in the profession lie. For one, an Asian studies degree may vary depending on the focus and content, varying from one university to another. The actual focus of a degree in Asian Studies, may lie, for example, on teaching a language for the purpose of interpretation or translation, Asian social developments, trade and economic relations, cultural aspects, political developments, or history, depending on the research skills of the teaching staff.

Also, there are certain degrees that particularly deal with a specific country in Asia, or bring a broader prescriptive on a specific region. A Bachelor’s degree in the field of Asian Studies can also give a broader overview of some issues, alongside a thorough education in a particular Asian language. On the other hand, a Master’s degree generally focuses on a more particular country or topic, which means that it does not often include as many classes involving language instruction as compared to an undergraduate degree. However, a Master’s degree can help in developing regional expertise for a particular job market, as well as in a related aspect in Asian studies.

Advanced Research

asian studiesThe skills that are developed while conducting advanced research in Asian studies are very important and crucial for job choices in the future. For example, becoming extremely familiar with the Asian field, and proficient in a specific Asian language is a wonderful opportunity for both academic and individual growth. That certain feeling of success and achievement from the fluency of a language which is not his or her mother tongue, and a new perspective of the world, are only some of the benefits that can be expected along the way.

The capability to dig deeper into the culture and the people of other countries, as well as the capacity to communicate with a different culture are highly valued skills, most especially in the international, professional job market. As agencies and corporations start widening out their business, increasing their collaboration with the Asian market, organizations and businesses, knowledge of the language and native culture have hugely become in demand.

On top of that, an academic career that comes as a result of accelerating research in Asian studies always come with the capability to analyze some complex problems, studying various topics, as well as the capacity to present details and information on a particular topic in a rather concise manner.

Unique Professional Skills

asian studies 2Of course, aside from the knowledge attained through research and study for several years, having a degree in the field of Asian Studies offers some professional skills that can easily set any student apart. Proficiency in a new language is important, and so is cultural sensitivity. The importance of focusing on accelerating research in Asian Studies can never be underestimated, most particularly when they present possible skills which may be needed for a career in the future. With globalization at hand, accelerating research in Asian Studies can become a bridge that will connect different cultures together, creating a brighter future for everybody, both personally, and in a professional level, especially in the word of business.